Birt 7 nóv 2019
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Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show - ischats.info/fun/f7CeqYCmfWatYms/v-deo
Joe Weller - ischats.info
Truegeordie - ischats.info
W2S - ischats.info
Willne - ischats.info
KSI - ischats.info/title/VtFOytbRpEvzLjvqGG5gxQ.html


  • Say what you want about gib but he kinda nailed what logan Paul's fighting style was going to be for the rematch with JJ

  • Imagine calling him out just to get dropped in the first 10 seconds

  • Oh brother gib you got slumped

  • Well this is awkward as dogshit

  • guess he wasn’t just mentally unstable.

  • 4:59 a crab in its natural habitat

    • Im dead 💀

  • This aged like milk

  • All the shit talk

  • The cringe is real

  • 😭

  • These comments didn’t age well 😂

  • He lost what is saying Like if you watch this in 2020

  • Gib ur stupid for fighting jake Paul 🥴🤦

  • Honestly I think he just needs to fight someone a similar height and weight to him because yes he lost badly to jake paul however you can't deny he did well against Jay and max.

  • 5:22 oh boy he was right

  • This clown got destroyed......hahhahahahahah man Jake just blacklisted him from ISchats 😂😂😂

    • At least he was ig enough do get into the ring

  • You do like using doctor who music

  • Hah this video is funnier now

  • It’s funny his net worth is now 2.6 million according to google

  • this nigga cringe asf he’s so fucking cringe like eww

  • Do a diss track on Ariana Grande.

  • this went well

  • This didnt end well

  • 0:45 hihi

  • Who is Gib?

  • Well... I hope big gibber will be back soon

  • Wtf was gibs performance

  • you lost...

  • this dude's funny

  • Even though he lost this is still the best and most entertaining call out video 😂

  • U fucking suck at boxing 🥊 I’m a HATER Gig : I’m coming for you jake Jake :frist round knock out

  • It's okay you can delete this video now 🙂

  • انت سعودي

  • R.I.P the crab walk :(

  • Is it just me or gib is not meant to be a fighter

    • @i yes ture but none of that matters when lose your actual fight

    • @K.P. M He is a good boxer ksi even said he is better than him he's even flight ksi and other professional boxers before

    • I'm not hating on him. but as we seen in the jake vs gib fight which he had trained months for, he really didn't look like a good fighter. Yes he may have won in the past, but u gotta account that the people he fought had never had an interest in boxing until he called them out. Gib had the interest. And when matched with someone that had a lot of interest he lost. But after saying all this I still think if he put in more time he could be good but as of now he is not fighter material.

    • I don't get y ppl hat him he has won lots of fights in the past

  • 1 round waaahhhhhh

  • Wow just came here after the fight, just. Realized gib has amazing comment this video was fucking hilarious

  • You lost ahahahahahahha you suck

  • bro he just got destroyed

  • Haha you lost

  • this dude was talking the most shit for months just to get bodied in the first round. JP was doing you a favor ignoring you lol.

  • You got your ass beat 😂😂😂


  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Who’s here after gib lost in the first round

  • Who’s here after he got knocked out first round??

  • how lil gib gon talk shit but get his shit knocked out first round

  • He should be shame on himself now he knockout by Jake Paul in 1 round . Your career is over bro 😂

  • ur life prolly sad right now.

  • Who’s here after gib sadly lost in the actual fight against Jake pool🙄

  • Who’s here after Gib lost miserably

  • Who's here after Gibs loss?

  • His nose was magnet to the that 10 ounce glove 🤣🤣🤣

  • He really did all this talking just to lose in the first round 🤣🤣

  • Can't believe the entirety of the UK trusted this joker to beat Jake.

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    • @AVA salty? Lmao look at you being a white knight hahaha. Also that "Opinion" was said specifically to bully someone. Sure you might be perfectly fine with people talking shit over the internet. But were im from that shit doesn't slide little buddy. So stop trying be a white knight. Your not ganna get any pussy from being a white knight bro

    • Ethan Davo knock down not knock out

    • Bruh u hop into the ring with me ill show u whos the joker u fucking prick

    • Random content guy it was honestly his balance that lost him the fight

  • Who is here after gib got destroyed ?

  • U just got finished......... by jake paul..

  • Anyone here after Jake dusted this dude in one round?

    • @Weird Champ I was correct wasnt I? I said Jake was gonna beat Gibs ass. Gib looked like a sloppy mess

    • I see ur comments u defend jake on everything even before the fight 9 yrs old

  • Here after the Jake V. Gib fight. Dang...

  • Who’s here after gib got fucked!!

  • Who's here after 1st round tko

  • You got batterd

  • Oh dear

  • Well....

  • Bit depressing looking back at this

  • So you did all of this for two minutes of you squatting

  • Anyone here after gib got completely destroyed

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    • He is gona comback stronger

    • I will be really disappointed if jake looses to nate Robinson he is gonna ruin ksi vs jake paul

    • I mean we shall see

    • @Cap he did but ksi is gonna kill him

  • I think the fight should have lasted longer and big gibber might have proved himself in the second round if his team gave him advice

    • He got knocked down 3 times in 1 round. This is how pro fight works in a lot of states including Florida. Ref had no choice but to stop it

    • If the fight had lasted longer jake would have knocked him out

  • Stop. Talking trash he destroyed you

    • This was before the fight u jake paul fanboy

    • Well you ain't lying

  • U lost

  • Uh gib lost though

  • “Jake is overconfident” Honestly why wouldn’t he be? He dropped this fool 3 times in 2 minutes. All that talk for this? What a disappointment.

    • @CC man you dont know what you are talking about

    • BeastUpp Look at how Jake fought against Deji. Jake was ass. There was no reason to think Gib wouldn't win. Jake improved insane amounts and Gib didn't. Simple

    • @Stalin’s Dog its disrespectful that people didn't check this guys skills before forcing DAZN to make him vs Jake an event. Wasted 3 fucking months on this shit. This ain't too different from fousey vs that one guy whos name i forgot

    • Ch4rli315 it was disrespectful that jake Paul had to fight this fool 😂

  • you failed us

  • Round 1 decapitation by JP...get smoked pussy😂 rd1...now that’s the worst thing that can happen to a boxer...

  • Who's here after gib lost😭

  • Who’s here after the fight ?? 🤔

  • Hahaha you went through all this to get smacked up in round 2 hahaha pussy ole


  • Well that aged well

  • He beat your ass

  • You talk shit like he was afraid to fight you. Round 1 you got your 13 seconds of fame boy. Now take the L 😂

  • Whose here after he lost first round

  • Fut 19😂

  • Who’s here after he got knocked out first round?😂💀 L

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    • @pak carvids getting knocked down 3 times in 1 round is a knock out

    • He might as well just let dilan danis beat jake

    • @Scary ! dumbfuck it was a knock out

    • Endyz it wasn’t a tko tho tkos are when someone hasn’t been dropped but can’t continue for whatever reason. If someone’s dropped 3 times and the ref stops the fight that’s a ko

  • Who's here after gib got destroyed?

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    • Resalable Jaguar me

  • who’s here after the TKO in the first round

  • Who is here after jake won Hit like

  • Lol

  • Damn seeing all this now - just not a good scenario for gib at all , made Jj drop his life to box Jake , viddal lost his streak - gib we all love yah

    • JHolland JJ seems as if he wants to do it

  • But you lost. What happened?


    • @Ivan he is trash tho

    • An you don't know the difference between your and you're

  • Gib lost

  • You lost ;(

  • Before the fight:7 Figure GIBBER After the Fight:2 minute GIBBER

  • Who's here after he got destroyed

  • U lost

  • And the biggest L of the year goes tooo...

  • The only thing ducking was you in the fight

  • Who is here after the fight sad how gassed up he was

  • When u realize this vid is 10 times longer than the actual fight