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  • Phuck

  • .......

  • last comment

  • Last Comment

  • Who’s here after gib lost

  • The last comment

  • I am the last comment

  • Whos in lockdown

  • Jake you raise me I’m Tyler‘s check you raise me like a kid and I’m sure I never want to fight you I’m Titus

  • Whos here after gib got knock the f*CK out by jake

  • Man's too over confident in all his fights that's mostly why jake fucked him in the first round and finished him

  • 5:54 he stole that line from Bruce Lee


  • At least Jake finally got Gib out the way, because he kept running his mouth, and yeah Gib said he wanted a rematch with Jake, but only an idiot would want a rematch after losing in the first round😂😂

  • Fam I really had faith

  • "the only difference between me and Anthony Jooshua is I have never lost." Well,

  • Niggaa gib can’t fight for shit

  • Who is here after Jake dropped gib he should of not talked so much trash

  • This video makes him look like a clown now lol

  • jayke pool

  • Wait so who dropped who?

  • Whose here after Gib lost?

  • You are joke gib Jake was right Back to irrelevancy now Subscribing

  • clown lol shouldnt of taunted Jake you got what you deserved! 7 second gibber

    • Edgar B!¡¿ and you are like 11

    • your like 10 shut up

    • He had drawn in more audience than jake for the fight . Even though he lost he was clearly the unofficial A side.

  • He’s so annoying

  • So disappointed on u gib

  • Who’s here after gib lost the in the first round..... ⬇️

    • Bro I was soooooo pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • Me

  • now gib is at the level of antony joshua😂😂😂😂

  • U lose 😂😂

  • Who’s here after gib got destroyed by Jake Paul 😂😂

  • *Who's here after the disappointment*

  • Who’s here after is lost to Jake Paul 😂😂😂😂

  • Who's here after Gib lost?

    • Dragonclaw1025 ikr

    • Funny how all these people who are talking how trash Gib is literally would get dropped faster then Gib by Gib or Jake Paul

    • Gib is sh*t youtuber boxer he was fu*k

    • Lol gib ended up dodging Jake in the fight!

    • He got destroyed looooooool

  • who’s here after gib lost to jake

  • Watching this after gib got his ass whooped by Jake is mad funny

  • Unlucky

  • He’s saying jake Paul is going to get smashed mmm not sure about that

  • Who here after Gib lost bitterly to the same man he swore he was gonna clart

  • Whos here after gib lost to jake from a first round t.k.o Bruh I expected more from gib but gib looked like he'd never fought before and Jake was clearly a better fighter overall

  • who else is watching this after this guy got worked


  • You are a little bitch

  • this fight reminds me of the rocky series

  • I will fight you I Live in Texas which is in Brownsville

  • 0:43 song name?

  • انا متاكد انك انت ماراح تفوز امزح 💛

  • u suck

  • Dont talk trash jake paul is better

  • Go and hide

  • Jake paul will knock you up boy

  • 🤐

  • You talk to much shut up🙄

  • Big mistake

  • mmm ur gay and have a big nose u gonna loose and he gonna bust ur nose open😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anesongib backwaord is "Big no sean" or "big nose an" 😂.

  • Your gonna crush him

  • The only reason u got any views is just Jake's name is in your title! God you talk so much shit I cant wait to see your ass beat doee👍🏻

    • Lmaooo , then why did Jake copyright strike Gib's Fight Trailer? Simple , cause Gib got more view on his trailer then Jake , it's facts . First , Logan is dying of relevancy and now Jake .

  • اما سعودي

  • 0:37 That sounds like Aj Shabeel.

  • Gib is like lowkey fat and out of shape also i didnt know who he was until jake paul posted ab him hes irrelevant

  • Gib is actually lunatic

  • Jake Paul will WRECK you

  • F** gib

  • Why is KSI 1-0-1 he hasent loses has he?

    • BEATS MUSIC 1= win 0= loss and the final 1= the tie he had with Logan the first time

  • What is the music in the background of the conference at 0:43

  • It says loganpaul vs ksi

  • Biggibber

  • Bro you scared you look like bejamin but yo hair line looks like squid ward bitch you pussy

  • Gib jake Paul is gonna win don.t messs with him

  • U suck u wish u could even make it through the first round dummy

  • I see only one thing the word knock out for this stupid gib 🤦‍♂️

  • Bet Jake

  • What jacket does he have

  • I are going to die

  • Bich

  • Ur fucking trash jake will knock u out !!!!!!!!!

  • Gib vs Jake 2020 January 20

  • I farted

  • KSI should be 2-0-1 and Logan should be 0-1-1 on the leaderboards I just noticed this was 2 months ago and they haven't played the fight yet from that point in time.

  • Make the Paul’s lose!!!!

  • just realised his views are the amount he has as his subscribers

  • Who’s here after ksi beat logan

  • What we all want to know is: *WHEN IS THE FELIX KELLBERG VS NIALL COMAS FIGHT!?!?!*

  • he sounds like a gangsta carlton banks

  • I'll fight you Jake Paul!


  • *Jake punches Gib* Gib: "Just gib up...."

  • Use me as the jake ‘ kill him’ button

  • This never happened😞

  • AnEsonGib V Jake Paul Come on!

  • Lol Gib and jake are the same height in the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  • Jake Paul is going to win the fight okay because in a subject is going to lose his he sucks

  • Gib you will clap jake in a fight

  • you are a bitch if jake is gonna fight you. the he Will knock you out bitch!!!! Belive that!!!!!

  • Jake will win for shure

  • gib your fucked your going to be the next deji good luck mate go drink your tea and have some fun before you cant drink after this fight

  • Wasn’t it February 3rd not 2nd?

  • Hey people just sub to me so I get clout and can become a boxer 1 day

  • what is the name of the jacket gib is wearing

  • When Jake Paul watches his training he will take notes 📝