Jake Paul vs. Gib FINAL PRESS CONFERENCE (Official Live Stream)

Birt 28 jan 2020
WATCH ON DAZN: www.dazn.com
United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Brazil

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Turkey - S Sport
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Rest of the World - FITE

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  • 4:14 is when it starts

  • Lets go! Jake beat u and he is going to win against ksi

  • Gib suck


  • Gib you got crushed

  • lets go gib

  • Gib lost

  • Who else is here after Gibs 1st round knockout 😔

  • Nobody: Gibs trainer:lets give away all gibs tak tiks

  • U lost

  • Gib your a loser

  • Everyone Who Said Jake Paul Would Lose: *deletes comment* Everyone Who Supported Jake Paul: 😂😂😂😂😂😂 People Who Don’t Care:

  • Man gib lost pray for him

  • Damn.

  • Who’s here after gib lost

  • This makes me respect Gibbs Jake's a joke


  • Gin lost first round fucking losers

  • You lost

  • I’ve never seen such a pussy act so tough lol.. eat your words bitch you got completely destroyed lol you are nothing but a pussy.. all talk bro

  • If ur older than 15 and u support jake paul, u need help.

  • Stream starts at 4:13

  • So the fight is today? See, I want both to win for reasons. Jake and KSI I feel would be a great fight since they both take it seriously. And Jake can get his “clout” But I want Gib to win bevause Jake can make all the excuses he wants. He’ll have lost.

  • Shane vs vidal

  • 4:14 video starts

  • jj won’t fight jake paul.

  • jake stuttered so much in this video

  • Who are ya

  • Who are ya

  • Who are ya

  • Who are ya

  • I’m streaming it sub with notifications on so you don’t miss it!!!!!

  • Jakey has become such an arrogant asshole because hes always sorrounded by such fucken yesmen

  • 4:19

  • Go gib. Knock his teeth out

  • Jake said after the JJ vs Logan fight boxing is rigged. End this man career Big Gibba we need this for everyone in the UK

  • You are a bitch ok jake Paul Beats your ass

  • Who’s gonna win Like for anesongib Comment for Jake Paul

  • Before Fight: 7 Figure Gib After Fight: Killer Gib

  • Jake doesn’t even respect his trainer enough to give him the mic. And his trainer was clearly a bit bothered by it.

  • Gib is gonna turn to big gibber and K.O jake irrelevant



  • Navy seal beu shut the hell up

  • Please rip jake Paul up

  • Half the shit Jake says,makes me lose brain cells

  • Main point is: jake Paul is a cLoWn

  • he didnt even wanna face gib

  • It starts at 4:13 everyone

  • I’m in Jake Paul’s side but I got. Feeling thst Gib u about to win

  • When Jake goes up to Gib, he looks wired, when he crosses his hands, when at Gib

  • Yeah, you’re not gonna beat JJ you actual mug, mate you are still dodging Gib and trying to think about fighting JJ!

  • 22:33 represents a set 8 student ready to stand for the pledge

  • jake’s just trying to promote his stuff, he acts like a child, he thinks he’s funny, and is just trying to pick on him. GIB, EAT HIM ALIVE!

  • Eddie loves gibber

  • Gib got more views on this then Jake and Jake is saying he’s irrelevant

  • Jake said acting is why he moved to la he moved because he got popular in making 5 second dum ass vids of him and his brother the I don’t think I lost guy and I’ve seen fortnite more in movies/tv shows then jake paul

  • You better not just go out there flailing like a small child, let’s see some real boxing please

  • You’re gonna get fucked up

  • I bet that Jake Paul will get knocked out in the first second


  • Jake had a boner that whole press conference

  • Can tell Jake is gonna try some illegal moves like logan did

  • Love how the audience laughs when Jake says hes an "entrepreneur:" 18:00

  • Mr beast was in ur chat gib

  • Gibber gonna lose jake is going after ksi next ksi beats jake simple

  • you're gonna roast him!

  • It's so clear that Gib wants this more than jake

  • Jake such a fairy

  • A tattoo of "u gotta want it, I want it more then everybody, it's my life motto" "I wanted to be a navy seal, but I moved to L.A., so I got this killer mentality" 🤣🤣 he doesn't know what he is wabbling about..

  • 22:40 virgin jake vs the big gibber

  • Come on Gib brother you got this man

  • epic

  • Joke Pool will get KOd by 7 figure Gibber!

  • BOXING BUG?!?!??!?!?! WTF

  • I’m going to predict the fight Majority draw Your welcome

  • Any bids on what excuse Jake will use when he loses? XD my money is on "Gibs punches being too wild and he got lucky"

    • @Boss Gaming None, it sucks. Jake got alot better and actually put effort in unlike what his videos showed.


  • Chat shit get banged

  • Jake is clearly not serious about anything he thinks everything is a joke🤦🏼‍♂️

  • aneson gib's future fight with ksi gib: wot

  • Go jack paul ❤️

  • Well done mate !


  • Hahaha this has 400k on Jake's channel . Jake Paul really fell of and needs this

  • He underestimates gib and that’s why he will lose

  • Gib 5 round Ko

  • Gibbo, I dare you to say Jake Paul, Logan Paul, any of the Paul’s I don’t care... England always beats them at the end when you win

  • hahaha who knew jake wrote a book? xD i know i didnt

  • you a legend gib, you got this

  • Jake is full of shit...!

  • Jake was saying that he wanted to become an actor, but looking at his channel he did

  • When is the fight?

  • Jake. We don't care about your money.. We just wanna see you catch dat fade.

  • Let’s go big gibber

  • 23:11 You can see Jakes confidence dropping from 100 to 0 after that eye from Gibb. This clown is finished.

  • Jake: The sport of boxing is rigged Also jake: I've caught the boxing bug.

  • Ksi vs w2m

  • This Jake Paul🚶🏼 1 like is 1 punch 👇🏻

  • All I heard from jake was uhhhhhhhhm

  • Jake is so cringe 🙄

  • im gonna watch on twitch again like i watched the whole ksi logan fight.