Jake Paul vs. Gib COUNTDOWN SHOW (Official Live Stream)

Birt 30 jan 2020
WATCH ON DAZN: www.dazn.com
United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Brazil

11 Degrees: 11degrees.co/2v8qeJP

UK & Ireland - Sky Sports
Latin America & Central America (ex. Brazil) - ESPN
Turkey - S Sport
Philippines - TV5, Cignal and Tap Sports
Singapore - LiveNow
China - CCTV
Rest of the World - FITE

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  • I don't get why he is boxing like a crab 😕😐


  • Who watching this in 2010 Lol ik I said 2010

  • If KSI and Logan Paul ran for ISchats president I would probably vote for Logan Paul it took me a while to decide because I love both of them but I’d vote for Logan Paul

  • I'm sorry that white interviewer was kissing Logan's ass man, what bull

  • What could have been man....

  • Ksimon has died the new couple is ksipaul

  • 1:31:08 rasist smh

  • the worst night in ISchats boxing history

  • JMT Cookie SoW

  • Bro he needs to post more and get right back in the ring

  • 3:36:39 what’s that song called

  • I think gib will win

  • 41:50 you hear that

  • Saquon rocking the Mars Yard

  • a cue that millennials are retarded. paying all these money to see 2 unskilled fools fight.

  • Well that was fucking embarrassing

  • I be back going to get snacks the match just started 5 minutes later: 🤔😐😖

  • KSI he he ....................... cry’s to the media

  • That T bag spam was too soon bro.

  • I’ll never forget the day I woke up and saw that gib lost

  • This countdown thing was actually enjoyable

  • 2:44:44

  • 1:33:02

  • You flighted okay

  • yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Mate your last 13 vids have the title Jake Paul

  • dont u now pumpet up u now it pumpet up

  • *Countdown show length* : 3 hours 42 minutes. *Actual fight length* : 2 minutes.

  • Legend has it that Logan wants to be friends with jj(ksi)

    • @C86Deluxe nobody talks about ksi, is he that washed up or is it that nobody outside of UK cares about him?

    • @Mikkiiiboy lmao how wrong are you

    • Nah ksi even gets less views than his sidekick mike. He ain’t relevant enough to hang out with Logan

  • He should fight Adam saleh

  • Walmart

  • Yikes...

  • Gib

  • I mean imaging going a piss and then coming back and its over

  • They really showed chopppa no love😬

  • P u s s y B i t c h

  • It isnt fare jake gave gib the broken controller

  • 🧍‍♂️🧎‍♂️🧍‍♂️🧎‍♂️🧍‍♂️🧎‍♂️🧍‍♂️🧎‍♂️🧍‍♂️

  • All nose no heart.

  • You lost but tou are still the champ


  • Gib you got your ass beat

  • i new he would go down first roud why would you even try jake is just better you....you're youtube..... your life.... is dead

  • I went to the restroom and the fight was over when i came back

    • Thats why never go to the rest room in the 1st round.

  • *Squating intensifies*

  • You got beat the hell out of jake paul

  • مانعرفه مانعرفه يوبه

  • Gib sure disappeared after taking that massive L. He was posting all the time before, now nothing.

    • MonsterRacing 38 Funny how he said he had nothing to lose and Jake pretty much killed his career. He will get clowned on forever for this. He’s going to lose about 70 percent of his fans too

  • How to know you played co2

  • Unlucky fam maybe next time

  • I dislike Jake ALOT but he whooped ur ass

  • ill never forgive you you got fucked up

  • Gib had that sumo wrestler stance 💀

  • crab walk (crab walk) I don't even know how to walk , jake paul fucked me up in my crab walk, got jaw my fucked up i don't know how to even fuckin talk

  • انت سعودي

  • Damn you actually dumb why did you dodge all the time? I mean im on your side but jesus christ you didnt do well

  • Pussy

  • Fck you gib

  • You got fucking rocked gib

  • Eat that L. Fucking loser. Wasted our time. Should've just let Jake fight KSI

  • Can’t wait to see how people switch when they go for KSI and Jake ends up winning just like gib. Nt even a jake Paul fan bt anybody who’s watched boxing outside of ISchats boxers could see jake skills are nowhere near equal to gibs or ksi

  • Gib man start making videos mate

  • You’re trashhhh...you got beat the f**k up

  • Imagine lost 1 round to jake paul. Man you embarrasing you just end your carrer. Gib you are stingker loser people

    • bowen voowy and intersting fact im not the one who ended my carrer just dumbgib.

    • bowen voowy so shut up dont judge me with my honest truth you catfish prick

    • bowen voowy no man my carrier is rolling on tiktok. Can i ask who you are? Oh just a loser

    • You're done, no one is gonna forget this, you dug yourself in to a hole you can't get out of, you will always be reminded of this, get off the internet, your career is over, find an off

  • Loser you dont deserve represent england

  • Literally no one Gib: I need to crouch spam so I dont take damage from jake

  • You actually got bodied

  • Who else knew gib was gonna lose

  • you lost so for that You suck so you are a loser

  • Only fucking reason gib lost was cause people kept way to often, his friends, yesing him and it he was way in to over his head

  • لا واضح انه سعودي👀

  • Lol, what an embarrassment of a mate. I see you CrabMan!! Do your thang. LoL

  • He ain't gonna upload anymore 😂

  • Gib on suicide watch...lol

    • Captain Nemo lmfao

  • Such a looser

  • Me: Gib:No refunds

    • @afutla qian you talkin bout me bitch

  • ur gay nigga ur literally ass

  • You're done, no one is gonna forget this, you dug yourself in to a hole you can't get out of, you will always be reminded of this, get off the internet, your career is over, find an office job and move on bro.

  • There should be a rule never eveeeer talk trash and say you're gonna destroy jake when you are the supposed good guy and not back it up, unacceptable, where's your boxing skills at? it looked like the occasion got the best of you and you were nervous and scared, can't hype yourself and fool others to believe that you are a beast when you're just a scared little boy who got beat up by someone younger than you looooool

  • You were pathetic.

  • He does suck at fighting tho jake whooped him

  • gib why did u even tried

  • We aint postin no more huh?

  • You looked like fucking McDonalds bro, moved like him too...

  • You let the UK down man 😩😩

  • U lost😂🤣😂

  • I unsubbed after this fight and subbed to jake then i knew i made a mistake and decided to forgive gibb

  • how do u recover from this Gibs???? u called jake pual a pussy and telling him he sucks.... and u lose in the first fricken round!! like bru i would have deleted my channel and moved to alaska.......

  • The funny thing is AnEsonGib posted a video that said why Jake Paul will lose and he deleted it😂

  • Gib u suck at boxing dude

  • Gib you should be embarrassed

  • Gib doing some cheats to be invincible

  • What a fucking embarrassment. Bro. Go back to being overweight and eating cheetos. As someone who has boxed in the past your flat footed approach was garbage not to mention your glass jaw. But hey..no one could ever teach you how to dougie ...you fucking wobbly legged piece of shit. You made a mockery of the sport

  • L

    • BIg fat one.

    • im neutral in this situation i could give a shit who wins but damn this nigga,took the fuckin L like a man

  • I'm dissapointed, confused. Losing in 1st round... mate

  • not trying to be a hater but u kinda sucks at boxing..

    • opzz xsin Deji got clapped by the worst version of Jake paul

    • When you realize deji went long with jake and didn't train either🗿

  • Gib I don't care if you lost a boxing fight I still love you as a creator and as a person

  • Gib was tryna use patched exploits

  • U got fucked up dude